Presentable. Germ Free. Clean.

An office clean before the week begins or mid week just before things start to feel unorganized assures a healthy, clean, productive and orderly work environment for employees and a presentable look, feel and smell to attract and impress customers.


Why us?

To help you feel safe with hiring Canadian Cleaning Solutions as your cleaning company, we are insured, bonded, licensed, covered by WCB, and can provide a background check from all highly trained, trusted and experienced staff.

To simplify things on your end, we supply all preferred cleaning products and equipment. From stainless steal shine to your choice of flat or wet mop, everything is included in our rates.

We offer a free consultation to provide the most accurate and affordable quote and to help you get to know our vibe!

Our scheduling options are flexible. We offer a range of frequencies from monthly to daily. Evening cleaning is available with no extra charge.

A cleaner office is a click away.